Cosmos is a systems programming langauge, compiled to native machine code, with familiar syntax for C++/C#/Java developers. The main focus is being practical with high performance for modern systems, embedded, and application implementations.

This has been a one person effort since roughly year 2007, almost 15 years of on/off development. For those 15 years, there has been progress almost every single month. The past few years, the main progress have been with developing standard library functionality, in particular generic functionality that just simply must be present for a programmer to be productive:

  • Console input/output and string formatting
  • File read and write
  • Network TPC/UDP capability
  • In-memory storage containers like hash maps and search trees
  • Basic algorithms like sorting a list
  • Time and calendar functionality
  • Unicode text representation
  • Higher level data and protocols like JSON, XML, HTTP, FTP

Unfortunately there are no releases ready for download yet. There might not be any in 2021 either.

The standard library functionality is tested out in other programming languages to evaluate practicality.