While Cosmos Lang is offset as a native systems language, it doesnt aim to "only" be a native systems langauge.

For almost two decades, the largest developments have been seen in the "web space", why bother making yet another native systems language? Also, what about Rust, Rust is awesome! what could Cosmos possibly add of value?

Web will become Systems

Cosmos is decidedly not a web centric language, but also not a web defying langauge. The author of Cosmos believes that with time, the idea of having "web environment" versus "systems environment" will not be a big difference, because in order to get good performance on web, web will undeniably have to move closer to a more systems oriented environment. And in that case, Cosmos Lang will be as useful for making web based systems as any other systems. Node.js somewhat took the opposing approach, yet still heavily depends on performance critical things being developed in C.

Uncompromising safety is expensive

Cosmos also takes a more classical approach to resource management than Rust does. The author of Cosmos believes that Rust is "too safe" or rather, "too pedantic" about the safety. If you are mildly competent at developing software in, say C# .Net, how many times the past year, have you encountered an problem that directly stems for trying to dereference a null reference? Or perhaps had some sort of problem because you forgot to close a file? Cosmos author will guess that if you had any such problems at all, you fixed them very quickly.

And even more important: Would you have solved your goals faster with Rust? or would you simply have had other problems in its place?

Freedom weighs stronger than safety

Being pedantic with the programmer is a distinct non-goal for Cosmos Lang.

In a sense Rust is like walking around with a motor cycle helmet 24/7, very safe for your head! something truly extraordinary would have to happen for your brain to get hurt. Many good arguments could me made for you to definitely do that. You dont want to get your brain hurt do you? Well why dont you wear a safe motor cycle helmet then?

Life is about other things than being 100% safe all the time, why else would anyone do extreme sports then?

Cosmos Lang is meant to be like a caring but lenient spouse, trying to help you be a better programmer, yet also step back, and let you create your own space where you can be you.